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facing machine sentence in Hindi

"facing machine" meaning in Hindifacing machine in a sentence
  • Surface tension may force you to spot-face machine the surface to get it flat.
  • The player's vehicle is armed with a forward-facing machine gun and two side-mounted missiles.
  • The Junkers J . I . had two downward-facing machine guns that were used for strafing.
  • In the Helsingborg area the line was reinforced with a second line of rear-facing machine gun bunkers.
  • Becker's tally included three shot down by crewman Karl-Ludwig Johanssen with his MG-131 rearward facing machine gun.
  • As the aircraft dove, the top part of the cockpit canopy broke, taking the rear-facing machine gun with it.
  • Nebraska now Big Red-faced Machine
  • The British troops found the experience of facing machine-gun fire demoralising and the British machine-guns had been much less effective.
  • The army said the Israeli troops faced machine gun fire from two armed Palestinians who approached a military checkpoint near Rafah, along the border with Egypt.
  • :It's possible to run a Wordpress install locally ( on a non-public-facing machine you control ) and then use a plugin like really-static to emit static HTML files from that.
  • Emergency exits are present on both sides of the Anoa as well as three roof hatches in the troop compartment with one rear-facing machine gun mounting on the right cupola.
  • The facility is equipped with high-tech equipment necessary for various manufacturing needs, including a 5-face machining center, various cutting machines including a 3D robotic arm welding center and a variety of metal working machines.
  • British cavalry officers, far more than their continental European counterparts, persisted in using and maintaining cavalry, believing that mounted troops would be useful for exploiting infantry breakthroughs, and under the right circumstances would be able to face machine guns.
  • On the start-line they had some casualties as they had to face machine-guns from the hill and from the sides; G Company helped in silencing the enfilade fire, and when darkness came the London Irish consolidated on the ground gained.
  • The two-engine aircraft was a strut-braced high-wing monoplane with two tail-booms and a narrow fuselage pod carried by struts under the centre-section, and was designed to operate in areas featuring rough terrain, and boasted two rigidly mounted forward-facing machine guns.
  • The Gotha included an important innovation in the form of a " gun tunnel " whereby the underside of the rear fuselage was arched, early versions allowing placement of a rearward-facing machine gun protecting from attack from below, removing the blind spot.

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