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English-Hindi > facing machine

facing machine meaning in Hindi

facing machine sentence in Hindi

फलकन मशीन
facing    लोई वस्त्रांचल
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
1.Surface tension may force you to spot-face machine the surface to get it flat.

2.The player's vehicle is armed with a forward-facing machine gun and two side-mounted missiles.

3.The Junkers J . I . had two downward-facing machine guns that were used for strafing.

4.In the Helsingborg area the line was reinforced with a second line of rear-facing machine gun bunkers.

5.Becker's tally included three shot down by crewman Karl-Ludwig Johanssen with his MG-131 rearward facing machine gun.

6.As the aircraft dove, the top part of the cockpit canopy broke, taking the rear-facing machine gun with it.

7.Nebraska now Big Red-faced Machine

8.The British troops found the experience of facing machine-gun fire demoralising and the British machine-guns had been much less effective.

9.The army said the Israeli troops faced machine gun fire from two armed Palestinians who approached a military checkpoint near Rafah, along the border with Egypt.

10.:It's possible to run a Wordpress install locally ( on a non-public-facing machine you control ) and then use a plugin like really-static to emit static HTML files from that.

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