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English-Hindi > facing point

facing point meaning in Hindi

facing point sentence in Hindi

सम्मुख काँटा
सम्मुख कांटा
सम्मुख पॉइन्ट
facing    लोई वस्त्रांचल
point    दरजा स्थल अन्तरीप
1.But there are other quality horses facing Point Given in the Santa Anita Derby.

2.As the lengthy train ran through facing points.

3.He lays into Khalid Reeves, and the blank-faced point guard walks away.

4.Each face points in a cardinal direction.

5.Only Luton Town not faced point deductions then Vale would have finished in twentieth place.

6.The only question facing Point Given is if he can handle Belmont's 11 / 2 miles.

7.The lined map of his face points to past years of living outdoors, drinking binges and drug use.

8.The outside edge of a karambit may be sharp and if so may also feature a backwards facing point.

9.An upper quadrant signal replaced the previous shunting disc and a facing point lock was added to the points.

10.On 26 December 1886 a train was derailed at Stratford station as facing points had not been properly locked into position.

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