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English-Hindi > facing sand

facing sand meaning in Hindi

facing sand sentence in Hindi

फलकन बालू
मुखन बालू
facing    लोई वस्त्रांचल
sand    धैर्य निर्जन पैसे
1.Port Hueneme has a south-facing sand beach, known for its surfing.

2.The sand that fills in around the facing sand is called " backing sand ".

3.The sand that is in contact with the casting is called " facing sand ", and is designed for the casting on hand.

4.In 1890, construction began on a new red brick schoolhouse facing North Fort Moore Hill, between Sand Street and Bellevue Avenue ( later Sunset Boulevard, now Cesar Chavez Avenue ), at coordinates, which was a short distance from the older wooden one then facing Sand Street below.

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