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English-Hindi > facsimile signature

facsimile signature meaning in Hindi

facsimile signature sentence in Hindi

प्रतिकृति हस्ताक्षर
facsimile    प्रतिलिपि
signature    दस्तखत संकेत सही
1.Each member's facsimile signature, or frank, is used in place of a postage stamp.

2.It was a slipcased hardcover with deluxe binding, photographic endpapers, and a facsimile signature, and included a DVD.

3.Retired NASCAR driver Carl Edwards displayed the Gadsden Flag next to his facsimile signature on his race car.

4.Also, every banknote series since 1935 has borne the facsimile signature of the incumbent President of the Philippines.

5.The 20 July Wound Badge in silver has black highlights on the helmet swastika, the date, and the facsimile signature.

6.Only the helmet and wreath were black; the background was in silver so that the date and facsimile signature could be seen.

7.For example, the city clerk is no longer authorized to sign city checks, and the use of rubber-stamp facsimile signatures has been discontinued.

8.Since 1947, individuals who achieve the King's Scout or Queen s Scout award receive a certificate with a facsimile signature of the Queen.

9.When that went unheeded, he started arguing that posting the facsimile signature was a felony, yet no one could find any citation in support of that claim.

10.The frank is a real or facsimile signature used in lieu of postage, allowing members of Congress to mail newsletters, surveys and press releases at public expense.

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