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English-Hindi > fair comment

fair comment meaning in Hindi

fair comment sentence in Hindi

• उचित टीका टिप्पणी
• मेले टिप्पणी
fair    पैंठ प्रदर्शनी
comment    टिप्पणी टीका
1.Houghton Mifflin issued a statement Tuesday calling the book fair comment.

2.Fair comment is a legal term for a defense used in defamation cases.

3.:: : I stand by my remarks which I feel are fair comment.

4.A . I think the issue of conciliation could be a fair comment.

5.Frank Cass & Co . prevailed on the basis of " fair comment ."

6.#- Explanation that the legal term fair comment does not a qualify a statement.

7."Fair comment is not at risk, only the incitement to hate, " he said.

8.The broadcasters claim the remarks were justifiable and within the range of fair comment.

9.It isn't a personal attack when it is fair comment.

10."Fair comment is not at risk, " he said.

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