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English-Hindi > feathering paddle

feathering paddle meaning in Hindi

feathering paddle sentence in Hindi

• पंखदार पैडल
feathering    पंख पर वर्ग कोई
paddle    डोंगी पतवार पत्ता
1.He also constructed a new type of lifebuoy, and a feathering paddle wheel.

2.This problem was compounded in 1841 when " President s " paddle wheels were modified with non-feathering paddles.

3.Tests in 1830 demonstrated that feathering paddles improved speed by 25 % in smooth water and over 50 % in rough seas.

4.Power became even more inadequate when the patented feathering paddles had to be removed from both units because British American did not have the consent of the patent holder.

5.During " British Queen's " refit after the 1840 season, her feathering paddles were changed to non-feathering design to avoid litigation with the patent holder.

6.British American failed to secure the rights to use the patented design and removed the feathering paddles before " President " left on her first 1841 voyage in order to avoid litigation.

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