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English-Hindi > file allocation table

file allocation table meaning in Hindi

file allocation table sentence in Hindi

संचिका नियतन सारणी
file    लिखित पत्र चिठ्ठी
allocation    निर्धारण आवंटन
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
1.MS-DOS, for example, used a simple File Allocation Table ( FAT ).

2.That reshuffles the file allocation table, while leaving the files alone.

3.To back up, however, FAT stands for File Allocation Table.

4.So, assume you are using something simple like a file allocation table based filesystem.

5.DOS uses the File Allocation Table ( FAT ) filesystem.

6.Unfortunately, it looks like you've got some errors in your FAT, the file allocation table.

7.Something has messed up your file allocation table, the table of contents for your hard drive.

8.All these addresses are stored in what is called a file allocation table ( FAT ).

9.Ever heard of a File Allocation Table?

10.It is loosely based on the File Allocation Table architecture, but incompatible, proprietary and protected by patents.

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the part of a floppy disk or hard disk where information is stored about the location of each piece of information on the disk (and about the location of unusable areas of the disk)

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