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English-Hindi > file an application

file an application meaning in Hindi

file an application sentence in Hindi

आवेदनपत्र देना
file    लिखित पत्र चिठ्ठी
an    एक
application    संप्रयोग अमल
1.In 2011, 22, 551 people filed an application for asylum in Switzerland.

2.He has filed an application against the said MPA for his disqualification.

3.Universities are constrained by the costs of vetting and filing an application.

4.Israel had never filed an application to be a candidate before 2005.

5.The Church then filed an application with the European Court in 2002.

6.Black's lawyers filed an application for bail pending the appeals court's review.

7.In 2007, Fleet Exchange filed an application with the energy products and uranium.

8.Heenan filed an application for a patent on October 23, 1964.

9.It is also filing an application for another form of its antibiotic Zithromax.

10.As of 2010 nobody has filed an application to convert McDonogh.

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