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English-Hindi > finance capitalism

finance capitalism meaning in Hindi

finance capitalism sentence in Hindi

• वित्‍त पूंजीवाद
finance    अर्थव्यवस्था
capitalism    पूँजीदारी
1.Finance capitalism is the production of profit from the manipulation of financial capital.

2.He differentiates between monopoly capitalism and finance capitalism in the way they organize surplus.

3.Fascists declared their opposition to finance capitalism, interest charging, and profiteering . economic interventionist measures.

4.Neuschwander advocated " the death of enterprise capitalism and the advent of finance capitalism ".

5.They were in favor of decentralization, underscored the importance of intermediary bodies, and opposed finance capitalism.

6.Calhoun, like Jackson and Van Buren, attacked finance capitalism and opposed what he saw as encroachment by government and big business.

7.Finance capitalism is characterized by a predominance of the pursuit of profit from the purchase and sale of, or investment in, hedges against inevitable risks.

8.In a fashion similar to the views of Thorstein Veblen, finance capitalism is contrasted with industrial capitalism, where profit is made from the manufacture of goods.

9.But is this, perhaps, what the essayist Barbara Ehrenreich, lamenting the too-rapid plunge " from pubescence into the stone-hearted world of finance capitalism, " once labeled " premature pragmatism "?

10.Giovanni Arrighi extended Braudel's analysis to suggest that a predominance of finance capitalism is a recurring, long-term phenomenon, whenever a previous phase of commercial / industrial capitalist expansion reaches a plateau.

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