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English-Hindi > finance section

finance section meaning in Hindi

finance section sentence in Hindi

• वित्‍त अनुभाग
finance    अर्थव्यवस्था
section    विधर्मी अनुच्छेद
1.A kids'mode lets you leave the Finance section off the menu.

2.The investment was reportedly made through Benfield Advisory, the group's corporate finance section.

3.I was wandering around, minding my own business, when I came upon their finance section.

4.For example, Go will have a personal-finance section, with financial analysis software developed by Starwave.

5.It is not real, " said Hirozhi Ozaki, an aide in the embassy's finance section.

6.And all of these sites are well behind the finance sections of the broad Internet portals.

7.Thereafter, she served as Chief of the Budget and Finance Section of the United Nations Volunteers.

8.Inc .'s stock market and finance section.

9.I find it very frustrating that a business and finance section was set up without stock quotes.

10.In 1995, he moved to the economics and finance section and became Head of Section in 1997.

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