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financial structure sentence in Hindi

"financial structure" meaning in Hindi
  • Baseball is a more complex game with a radically different financial structure.
  • Westbrook said the new estimate did nothing to the company's financial structure.
  • We maintain our commitment to have a solid and healthy financial structure.
  • The group also discussed the financial structure of the revamped Champions League.
  • "Then the whole financial structure of the company suffers, " he said.
  • There has to be a whole new financial structure and delivery system.
  • BNM realised that a strong financial structure wasnecessary for a healthy economy.
  • Getridge said the figure is a warped reading of the district financial structure.
  • Citigroup is accused of having created a complex financial structure dubbed " Buconero,"
  • The entire financial structure of the new company has yet to be finalized.
  • However, local industrialists say the new rules would weaken companies'financial structure
  • It collapsed last year as Russia's flimsy financial structure came unglued.
  • What's more, a creative financial structure helps Team Santa optimize revenue.
  • Disney officials declined to discuss details about the deal's financial structure.
  • It's just the way their financial structure works, " he said.
  • We are committed to maintaining a strong and sensible financial structure.
  • The Clinton associates later came back to NBC with an altered financial structure.
  • He had a very limited ability to understand complex financial structures.
  • Siew ordered government agencies to help troubled business groups improve their financial structures.
  • We are looking at the best possible financial structure for Janamanjung.
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