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financial viability sentence in Hindi

"financial viability" meaning in Hindi
  • We are in a process of returning this company to financial viability,
  • This had rather significant implications for the financial viability of the Association.
  • We are in the process of returning this company to financial viability,
  • The State Forests Financial Viability Subcommittee was also created in January 2013.
  • Taking such an action would devastate the financial viability of the company,
  • But without a boost from government, the financial viability of wind farms suffers.
  • The team's involvement would answer concerns about the financial viability of Glendale's proposal.
  • With a growing national profile, the financial viability of the non-profit also grew.
  • The financial viability of the ventures he was associated with seems to have varied.
  • Film, having proved its financial viability, soon attracted businessmen who favoured money over aesthetics.
  • Usage fell significantly, threatening the financial viability of the resort.
  • This clinic would require blended funding streams to maintain sufficient resources and financial viability.
  • It is responsible for helping the board understand and solve issues related to financial viability.
  • One by one, the struts on which their financial viability had depended were kicked out.
  • In August 2012 Cognita questioned the financial viability of its Ffynone House School in Swansea.
  • This proposition was chosen due to the increased financial viability and sustainability for the future.
  • Does anyone know of any detailed studies done into the financial viability of Scottish independence?
  • But these figures masked a trend that soon undermined the financial viability of individual dance companies.
  • United accuses its competitors of circulating inaccurate information that unfairly casts doubt on its financial viability.
  • "It's crazy for us as a business to risk our financial viability due to government indecision.
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