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English-Hindi > financial viability

financial viability meaning in Hindi

financial viability sentence in Hindi

वित्‍तीय व्‍यवहार्यता
financial    वित्त वित्त
viability    व्यावहारिकता
1.We are in a process of returning this company to financial viability,

2.This had rather significant implications for the financial viability of the Association.

3.We are in the process of returning this company to financial viability,

4.The State Forests Financial Viability Subcommittee was also created in January 2013.

5.Taking such an action would devastate the financial viability of the company,

6.But without a boost from government, the financial viability of wind farms suffers.

7.The team's involvement would answer concerns about the financial viability of Glendale's proposal.

8.With a growing national profile, the financial viability of the non-profit also grew.

9.The financial viability of the ventures he was associated with seems to have varied.

10.Film, having proved its financial viability, soon attracted businessmen who favoured money over aesthetics.

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