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English-Hindi > financing bank

financing bank meaning in Hindi

financing bank sentence in Hindi

वित्तदाता बैंक
वित्‍तदाता बैंक
financing    वित्तीयन
bank    कतार किनारा साहिल
1.That was the highest since the government-financed bank began taking statistics in 1974.

2.The money will help the industrial financing bank meet growing demand for loans.

3.Traders are concerned the government would finance bank bailouts by issuing more new bonds.

4.Jordan Investment and Finance Bank made a gross profit of JD 2.17 million in 1997.

5.Last week the offshore American Investment and Finance Bank of Trust closed for undisclosed reasons.

6.In 2008, Micro Finance Bank of Azerbaijan renamed AccessBank.

7.Rubin will also exchange roughly $ 9 billion in assets held by the Federal Financing Bank.

8.The party advocates the foundation of a micro-finance bank to finance development in the Solomon Islands.

9.Dodge had the Reconstruction finance bank, which was a major conductor of inflation-financed subsidies, shut down.

10.The Federal Financing Bank provides financing services to help independent government agencies fund their day-to-day operations.

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