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English-Hindi > finger clubbing

finger clubbing meaning in Hindi

finger clubbing sentence in Hindi

अंगुली मुद्गरण
finger    अंगुलि हाथ की
clubbing    चिड़या का ताश गदा
1.Finger clubbing and the presence of fetal pads is common.

2.In his self-portraits the progressive symptoms of his physical deterioration, such as cyanosis and finger clubbing, are apparent.

3.It is mainly characterized by pachydermia ( thickening of the skin ), periostosis ( excessive bone formation ) and finger clubbing ( swelling of tissue with loss of normal angle between nail and nail bed ).

4.Other findings that have been reported include macrocephaly ( 95 % ), large fontanelle, prominent forehead, flattening of the nasal bridge ( saddleback nose ), short and thick extremities, and finger clubbing.

5.These features are due to chronic oxygen deficiency in blood and can occur in a wide variety of other pulmonary disorders and not be specific for IPF . However, IPF should be considered in all patients with unexplained chronic exertional dyspnea who present with cough, inspiratory bibasilar crackles, or finger clubbing.

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