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English-Hindi > finished goods

finished goods meaning in Hindi

finished goods sentence in Hindi

तैयार माल
finished    परिपूर्ण परिष्कृत
goods    वस्तु संपत्ति
1.At least we turned it around and finished good ( third ).

2.Forecast : The prices of finished good should have risen 0.2 percent.

3.Finished and semi-finished goods 949 1, 306 1, 122 914 1, 210

4.Labor accounts for at least two-thirds of the cost of finished goods.

5.F ) Finished goods with a carrying cost of $ 138, 500

6.Business confidence rose too, notably for exporters of capital and semi-finished goods.

7.They then import more cheaply-produced components, as inputs for finished good exports.

8.The finished goods inventories index rose to-1 . 0 from-1 . 2.

9.Prices for semi-finished goods, meantime, were unchanged for the second consecutive month.

10.Nothing was manufactured; in fact, Spain discouraged the production of finished goods.

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