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English-Hindi > fishing rod

fishing rod meaning in Hindi

fishing rod sentence in Hindi
मछली पकड़ने का डंडा
fishing    मछली पकड़ना मछली
rod    मछली की बंसी चाबुक
1.So I bought him a couple of nice fishing rods for Christmas,

2.Care for telescopic fishing rods is much the same as other rods.

3.Visitors can rent fishing rods and reels as well as non-motorized boats.

4.He catches the ship with a fishing rod and reels it in.

5.The short fishing rod with reel is mounted just behind the wheelhouse.

6.Fishing rods and reels are available for rental at the park office.

7.This task looks like lifting a fishing rod to set a hook.

8.A sabiki rod is a hollow fishing rod with a funnel-shaped tip.

9.You are catching the fish one by one with a fishing rod.

10.Then a man walked by carrying a fishing rod and tackle box.

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a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line
Synonyms: fishing pole,

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