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flip chip sentence in Hindi

"flip chip" meaning in Hindiflip chip in a sentence
  • The Low Cost Flip Chip Consortium is a recent example.
  • The object is to flip chips so that their pictures are right side up.
  • In flip chip systems the IC is connected by solder bumps to a substrate.
  • Processing a flip chip is similar to conventional IC fabrication, with a few additional steps.
  • Flip chips don't require wire bonding, but he said his wire bonding business will survive.
  • He predicted that so-called " flip chip " technology " is about to take off ."
  • He said he expects flip chip equipment to become a major business for Kulick & Soffa.
  • The venture will be called Flip Chip Technologies.
  • He said he expects flip chip equipment to become a major business for Kulick & AMP; Soffa.
  • SiP solutions may require multiple packaging technologies, such as flip chip, wire bonding, wafer-level packaging and more.
  • "' Flip chip "'is a method of flipping over the chip to connect with either substrate or leadframe.
  • An upgrade to the Flip Chip led to the R series, which in turn led to the PDP-7A in 1965.
  • MIL-STD-883 methods 2011.9 destructive bond pull test and 2031.1 flip chip pull off test apply, as well as JEDEC JESD22-B109.
  • The Low Cost Flip Chip Consortium was one of 10 cooperative research consortia announced December 6 by the Justice Department.
  • Some boards containing flip chip modules were etched and drilled to allow those modules to be replaced by discrete components.
  • In 1964 DEC introduced its new Flip Chip module design, and used it to re-implement the PDP-4 as the PDP-7.
  • DEC continued to hold the " flip chip " trademark until June 6, 1987, when the trademark was allowed to expire.
  • Today, flip chip is a well established technology and collapsed soft solder connections are used in the vast majority of assemblies.
  • Figure 2 is a photo of EN plated bumps on a flip chip, something impossible to accomplish with an electroplated deposit.
  • On 22 March 1965, DEC introduced the PDP-8, which replaced the PDP-5's modules with the new R-series modules using Flip Chips.
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