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English-Hindi > flush it

flush it meaning in Hindi

flush it sentence in Hindi
अनुत्तीर्ण होना
flush    उबाल फ़्लश नया
it    वह इसे इसको इसक्
1.They just wanted to clean it up, flush it out.

2.Give it to Mummy so she can flush it down the drain?

3.When you flush it, it sounds like an airplane taking off.

4.Now is it my job to take that complaint and flush it?

5."We'll flush it and move on ."

6.Sooner or later you flush it out of your system.

7.An empty run would flush it clean ( hopefully ).

8.Well, I piss on that and flush it away.

9.The crud should have then dissolved and you can flush it through.

10."Flush it ! " somebody giggles.

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