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English-Hindi > flux leakage

flux leakage meaning in Hindi

flux leakage sentence in Hindi

• फ्लक्स क्षरण
flux    प्रचुर प्रवाह
leakage    रिसन रिसाव टपक चू
1.If an area of flux leakage is present, the particles will be attracted to this area.

2.These pigs use technologies such as magnetic flux leakage ( MFL ) and ultrasonics to inspect the pipeline.

3.Surface pitting and corrosion, as well as cracks and weld defects in steel / ferrous pipelines are often detected using magnetic flux leakage ( MFL ) pigs.

4.Given the fact that magnetic flux leakage is a tesla and generally speaking, the larger the change in the detected magnetic field, the larger the anomaly.

5.After the test, the arm is disassembled by the proof house technicians for nondestructive testing looking for Magnetic flux leakage through fluoroscopic lamp in a dark room.

6.Magnetic flux leakage ( MFL ) tools use a sensor sandwiched between multiple powerful magnets to create and measure the flow of magnetic flux in the pipe wall.

7.:Resistance causes voltage-drop in all winding turns proportional to the current in that winding, flux leakage cause differences in the induced voltage in different turns.

8.Toroidal cores are used despite the high manufacturing costs ( a great deal of manual work ) due to the low magnetic flux leakage ( MFL  Leakage inductance ), low core losses and the good power density.

9.Although the actual performance of a magnetic lock may differ substantially due to various losses ( such as flux leakage between the electromagnet and the conductor ), the equations give a good insight into what is necessary to produce a strong magnetic lock.

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