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English-Hindi > flywheel effect

flywheel effect meaning in Hindi

flywheel effect sentence in Hindi

संचयन प्रभाव
flywheel    चक्का मशीन में लगा
effect    परिणाम प्रभात
1.In such a device, the energy storage is performed by the inertia ( flywheel effect ) of the rotating components.

2.The flywheel effect may be desirable, such as in synchronous systems, or undesirable, such as in voltage-controlled oscillators.

3.The loss of the supercharger meant that the design was compromised, lacking sufficient flywheel effect, which caused problems with magneto failure.

4.A recent theory named " The Criminal Spin " suggests a mutual flywheel effect between partners that is manifested by an escalation in the violence.

5.Near the end of each transmission, the operator would remove the power from the motor and its flywheel effect as the speed decreased provided a unique and distinctive signature.

6.When built without balancer shafts that add to the overall rotating mass, flatplane designs have the least flywheel effect of any V8s, which allows them to be quicker to rev up and down.

7.With no double action available in the petrol engine, and no flywheel effect apart from the movement of the rear wheel, the return impulse for the piston was provided by heavy rubber bands.

8.However, the crankshaft with heavy counterweights tend to make it difficult for the engine to be made sporty ( i . e . quick revving up and down ) because of the strong flywheel effect.

9.:" " As electrical current can be modeled by fluid flow, much like water through pipes; the inductor can be modeled by the flywheel effect of a turbine rotated by the flow.

10.When well-done, a mission style building will convey an impression of simplicity, permanence, and comfort, with coolness in the heat of the day and warmth in the cold of night ( due to a phenomenon known as the thermal flywheel effect ).

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