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folded line sentence in Hindi

"folded line" meaning in Hindifolded line in a sentence
  • Approach on the error of the fold line rock movement measure station
  • Break line fold line
  • Fold line of collar
  • Fold line plane was more suitable than the circular slip plane for the shallow slide
  • After simply this problem , make elementary fold line according to the start point , the end point and the hinder point between them
  • Not consider the sway when student are operating and just search for optimal track in the fold lines which through start point and end point and cover the hinder point
  • Slits on the lower hem can be produced by making clever use of the folding line on the front . the tight - fitting cut has a slimming effect . available in seven colors
  • For the sake of . realize speed change between two linked part of a fold line . using grind function to process the fold lines to change it into realizable moving track
  • New idea toward the calculation methods for the rotary air preheater rotator mushroom type deformation and the installation method of folding gaskets . were put forward the calculation method for the pre - arangement of the folding line gap was presented
  • The paper applies the method of the l - s coupling in the pauli exclusion principle and gives a simple method to determine the atom states of equivalent double electrons through l - s interaction fold line along angle
  • These kinds of mechanical models which are used to analyze the mechanical abilities of mrd are compared . ( 2 ) the elastic - plastic seismic response analysis about the magnetorheological structure . the elastic - plastic seismic response analysis and compared analysis of the magnetorheological structure are carried with semi - active bi - state and foil - state control strategy when structure is simulated by three fold line stiffness retrograde model and mrd is simulated by sigmoid model , and corresponding conclusions are given

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