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English-Hindi > folded plate

folded plate meaning in Hindi

folded plate sentence in Hindi

मुडा हुआ चित्र
folded    वलित
plate    फोटोग्राफी की
1.The Center features a roof made of complex geometric folded plates.

2.The form was one of many advanced engineering solutions, including folded plate roofs, that were in common currency ."

3.The folded plates of the concrete main roof are a creative solution to achieving the larger spans required in the main gathering hall.

4.The building has a reinforced concrete floor and a pre-stressed concrete folded plate roof, which was pre-cast on-site.

5.The church and centre are housed in a reinforced concrete building, with a steep folded plate timber roof, which is covered in green copper.

6.It is assumed that the earthquake was triggered by active tectonic motion on the border of two major sections of the earth crust  the Turansk plate and the Kopedag-Caucasian folded plate motion area.

7.There were numerous models available, but to make the homes look custom, the footprints were rotated on their lots and flipped with a minimum of 3 different roof lines available : folded plate roof lines, butterfly roofs, ranch, and dramatic overhangs.

8.Other types are " Vector-active " structures such as trusses, " surface-active " structures such as shells and folded plates, " form-active " structures such as cable or membrane structures, and hybrid structures.

9.Among them are the Westmoor School, with its precast concrete barrel vaults spanning sixty feet; the Fernando Rivera Elementary School, with a prefabricated wood folded plate roof; and the circular Vista Mar School, all in Daly City; and an elementary school for Ciampi's hometown of Sonoma.

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