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English-Hindi > folding camera

folding camera meaning in Hindi

folding camera sentence in Hindi

वलन कैमरा
folding    वलन तह लगाना
camera    गुप्त कक्ष एकांत
1.Its design looks like the bellows in an old folding camera.

2.Folding cameras fold into a compact and rugged package for storage.

3.Then 1951 saw the " Prentice " folding camera which also took 120 film.

4.Used folding cameras, TLRs, and box cameras are also a cheap option to shoot medium format.

5.Portable folding cameras dominated camera design from the 1890s to 1930s and were significant into the late 1940s.

6.Nagel continued to innovate including developing the Retina folding cameras around the new Kodak 135 preloaded 35mm cartridge.

7.However, some 35mm cameras continued to be built as folding cameras, e . g ., the original Kodak Retina.

8.The key advantage of folding cameras is their excellent physical-size to film-size ratio when the camera is folded for storage.

9.Her father gave her a Kodak Folding Camera for her travels, which seems to have led to her professional choice later.

10.By the end of the 19th century Eastman had expanded his lineup to several models including both box and folding cameras.

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