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English-Hindi > folding door

folding door meaning in Hindi

folding door sentence in Hindi
मुड़वाँ दरवाज़ा
folding    वलन तह लगाना
door    इमारत कमरा घर
1.Each of the rooms could be divided in two by folding doors.

2.Consider replacing the bathroom door with a shower curtain or folding door.

3.The folding door was located in the center of the bus body.

4.The Metropole's folding doors are open to catch any stray breeze.

5.The ground floor-110 feet by 58 feet divided by folding doors-contained the school.

6.Historically folding doors were already known by the excavations in Pompeii have revealed.

7.The dining and drawing rooms were separated by folding doors.

8.The folding door on the passenger side opens to provide an extremely wide entry.

9.Then Burton raised his voice and kicked the folding door to the cockpit, hard.

10.Early on, Travers installed folding doors to separate the living room and the kitchen.

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an interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges)
Synonyms: accordion door,

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