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folding map sentence in Hindi

"folding map" meaning in Hindifolding map in a sentence
  • In this computer age, folding maps are a almost a thing of the past.
  • Interior bins are adequate _ no large atlases, fine for standard folding maps _ and the trunk is cavernous.
  • AAA has recorded baseball bats, burritos and folding maps as instruments of road rage, hurled at other drivers.
  • The maps that collectors prize above all are the lavishly illustrated folding maps that oil companies handed out by the millions, starting around 1913.
  • Between 1817 and 1830 they produced a series of splendid large-scale folding maps of most of the counties based on their own surveys.
  • Henri Poisot published a book entitled : " 1728-1999-History of the Cartography of the Great Vineyards of Burgundy ", a book of 102 pages with three folding maps.
  • If I had a more graphic imagination, I would draw all those strips of road side by side in an oversized scrapbook or cut them out of the folding maps and glue them into a single discontinuous journey.
  • Included were counters for starships, two-ten sided dice, a large folding map with open space on one side and on the other a space station and starship ( for use with the included adventure ), and the adventure SFKH-0 : " Warriors of White Light ".
  • Updated " editions " are released annually, although according to interviews with former employees responsible for product updates, actual map content for some titles is updated only every other year . ( Product covers are updated every year, even if map content has not changed . ) Folding map products are created as a derivative of the Thomas Guides, which carry the Rand McNally name, but mention that the content is from the Thomas Guides.

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