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force couple sentence in Hindi

"force couple" meaning in Hindiforce couple in a sentence
  • A Task Force is simply a Light Force coupled with an Engine.
  • The idea is to try to force couples to stay together.
  • Government spokesmen said the fault clauses forced couples into bitter recriminatory sessions in court.
  • In San Francisco, bike messengers report a smaller work force coupled with decreased earnings.
  • Forcing couples to attend marriage counseling before the state issues a marriage license would cut down on divorces.
  • It can be a painful decision, since it forces couples to confront lingering feelings about years of infertility treatment.
  • This had become more frequent in the wake of rapid development which forced couples to seek employment, hence the day-care centres.
  • His tee shot, resting 6 inches from Rae's Creek, forced Couples to take a stance with one foot in the water.
  • The idea is to force couples to use this time to work out differences and find a way to preserve their union.
  • The sore back that forced Couples to miss seven tournaments this season and pushed him to the brink of Wadkins'scrap pile is much better.
  • Friday's rain forced Couples to resume his second round on No . 8, but it allowed him to play 29 holes under ideal conditions.
  • The reason the ruler on the table spins is because friction drags the other end back in the opposite direction, creating a force couple.
  • The rule also affects many ethnic Danes and their spouses, forcing couples to live in third countries apart from their families and support networks.
  • Cohen recently reintroduced a bill that would force couples to agree on the disposition of embryos in advance of fertilization, in case of a divorce.
  • Back problems forced Couples to withdraw from the Bay Hill Invitational two weeks ago, so he didn't get to practice much before The Players Championship.
  • The supporter said the E . I . T . C . threshold currently is lower, forcing couples to accept a tax increase or avoid marriage.
  • Similarly with any force couple on an object that has no change to its angular momentum, such moment is also not called a " torque ".
  • In 1989, Cobb County became the first in the nation to mandate divorce information sessions to force couples to confront the impact of their breakup on the children.
  • These two muscles act as a force couple within the glenohumeral joint to properly elevate the acromion process, and if a muscle imbalance exists, shoulder impingement may develop.
  • A skilled labour force coupled with the adoption of modern British / Western business methods and technology ensured that opportunities for external trade, investment, and recruitment were maximised.
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