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English-Hindi > force down

force down meaning in Hindi

force down sentence in Hindi
गले से उतारना
force    गुण जोर ताकत ताक़त
down    निगलकर शरीर के
1.Perhaps Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hopes that lobbing artillery shells into Syria will help bring a satellite government to power in Damascus. Maybe he expects that sending a Turkish war plane into Syrian air space or forcing down a Syrian civilian plane en route from Russia will win him favor in the West and bring in NATO. Conceivably, it's all a grand diversion from imminent economic crisis due to borrowing too much.
आखिर तुर्की की सरकार ने सीरिया की असद सरकार के विरुद्ध इतना आक्रामक रुख क्यों अपनाया?

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