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force equation sentence in Hindi

"force equation" meaning in Hindiforce equation in a sentence
  • The Lagrangian expression was first used to derive the force equation.
  • It is a force equation in the radial direction.
  • But nevertheless, the Lorentz force equation is still front page in the textbooks alongside Maxwell's equations.
  • First, the vector equality will be inserted for the first term in the force equation above.
  • Certainly the modern forms no longer include the Lorentz force equation which was in the original eight.
  • Cameras record every stroke and then feed the data to a computer that calculates fluid force equations.
  • However, it is not possible to satisfy the horizontal force equation unless F _ h = 0.
  • Similarly, if current flows in the tether element, a force can be generated in accordance with the Lorentz force equation
  • Two other examples occur in inverse-square force laws of the gravitational force equation of Newtonian gravity and Coulomb's law of electrostatics.
  • I have never known anybody, apart from one person, who has ever doubted that this equation corresponds mathematically to the Lorentz force equation.
  • This equation is a special case representation of the more general anchor force equation, in which the load-sharing anchor is constructed from two symmetrically placed anchors.
  • We are talking about equation ( D ) in the original 8 Maxwell's equations, and the fact that it is the same as the Lorentz force equation.
  • In other words, the geodesic deviation equation is the equation of motion for masses in curved spacetime, analogous to the Lorentz force equation for charges in an electromagnetic field.
  • By using the transient and viscous force equations for a cylindrical flow you can predict the transient boundary layer thickness by finding the Womersley Number ( N _ w ).
  • One way of finding solutions to the two force equations is to square them both then add together; this shows the possible, values lie on a circle of radius /.
  • In the modern age, the force equations described by Hendrik Lorentz are placed alongside Maxwell's equations as an additional electromagnetic equation that is not included as part of the set.
  • If the ? phase is replaced by a flat rigid surface, as shown in Figure 5, then ? = ?, and the second net force equation simplifies to the Young equation,
  • The primary acoustic radiation force equation tells us that the acoustic force can move particles either towards a node or an anti-node of a standing wave depending on their densities and compressibilities.
  • I did not know that the centrifugal force equation could be used to calculate it, though it makes a lot of sense now . 20 : 19, 3 September 2006 ( UTC)
  • The Lorentz transformations lead to a relativistic form of the Lorentz force equation when applied to the 4 Heaviside versions of Maxwell's equations . talk ) 20 : 57, 24 October 2010 ( UTC)
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