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English-Hindi > force feedback

force feedback meaning in Hindi

force feedback sentence in Hindi

बल पुनर्भरण
force    गुण जोर ताकत ताक़त
feedback    फीडबैक जानकारी
1.Since then, built-in force feedback has become standard for most game controllers.

2.The wired version uses a force feedback with the standard Microsoft driver.

3.The popular Descent II game, for example, does provide interactive force feedback.

4.The dial was the first force feedback steering wheel available on the PlayStation.

5.Cons : Video gamepad force feedback hardly simulates the real thing.

6.Control hardware includes a steering wheel with force feedback and 2 analog foot-pedals.

7.They also provide force feedback when the player pulls the trigger.

8.In the computer gaming world, torque motors are used in force feedback steering wheels.

9.The surgeon seated at the workstation controls the robot using force feedback hand controllers.

10.Logitech has added force feedback to its new iFeel mouse.

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