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English-Hindi > force function

force function meaning in Hindi

force function sentence in Hindi

force    गुण जोर ताकत ताक़त
function    अधिकार उत्सव काम
1.Growth was the forcing function, as were inputs from the economic study.

2.These forcing functions are being used in the service industry as well.

3.The ? can be considered as a normalized forcing function frequency.

4.Attached Forces function as a unidirectional shield while providing the fighter with stronger attacks.

5.The microwave provides another example of a forcing function.

6.The concept of mission command is to help Army forces function effectively and accomplish missions.

7.This reinforces the idea that forcing functions are not always the best approach to shaping behavior.

8.Examples of inputs to these simulations are coefficients in the underlying model, initial conditions and forcing functions.

9.Vibration testing is accomplished by introducing a forcing function into a structure, usually with some type of shaker.

10.The forcing function in the equation is the accelerative shock load delivered to the pelvis by the event.

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