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English-Hindi > forge welding

forge welding meaning in Hindi

forge welding sentence in Hindi

forge    भट्टी भट्ठी
welding    झाल लगाना झलाई
1.In forge welding, the entire welding areas are heated evenly.

2.The oldest flux used for forge welding was fine silica sand.

3.Forge welding between similar materials is caused by solid-state diffusion.

4.The pillar appears to have been built using horizontal forge welding technique.

5.Despite its diversity, forge welding had many limitations.

6.Honyaki has no need for forge welding unless it is made from tamahagane.

7.The pillar was manufactured by the forge welding of pieces of wrought iron.

8.Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding processes, besides forge welding.

9.Diffusion bonding is a common method for forge welding titanium alloys in the aerospace industry.

10.Forge welding is versatile, being able to join a host of similar and dissimilar metals.

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