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English-Hindi > forward charges

forward charges meaning in Hindi

forward charges sentence in Hindi

आवक माल खर्च
आवक माल प्रभार
forward    अग्र भविष्य में
charges    शुल्क प्रभार खर्च
1.Dunn said, unrelenting in her forward charge into history.

2.It was a tough encounter with fiery forward charges from Provan, Johnny Raper and Kevin Ryan.

3.Phase Forward charges $ 100, 000 to $ 300, 000 for its services depending on the magnitude of the clinical trial.

4.A near miss here or an injury there had the Stars'most consistent forwards charging toward the worst season of their careers.

5.Batistuta's third on the day came from the penalty spot, after Christopher Dawes hauled down Ortega as the forward charged into the area.

6.Bueno got home with some good combinations and stopped the forward charging of the champion, who appeared to be glad to hear the final bell.

7.Batistuta fired his third from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute after Christopher Dawes hauled down Ortega as the forward charged into the area.

8.It was pounced on by center Seru Rabeni who slipped the ball to lock forward Api Naevo with a slick backhand pass and the powerful forward charged over.

9.Leon Kieres, head of Poland's National Remembrance Institute, said his office is investigating whether it could " put forward charges against Demjanjuk " as a basis for seeking extradition.

10.Each PAM consists of four primary components : a Tandem Forward Charge ( TFC ), a Follow Through Charge ( FTC ), a propulsion system, and an electronic fusing system.

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