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English-Hindi > forward contract

forward contract meaning in Hindi

forward contract sentence in Hindi

अग्रिम संविदा
वायदा ठेका
forward    अग्र भविष्य में
contract    स्वीकृत हात नियम
1.Future contracts also differ from forward contracts in that delivery never happens.

2.Forward contracts, for example, have been a staple of agriculture for decades.

3.Additionally, forward contracts and pre-paying for feedstuffs counteracts the variation in both commodities.

4.The Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved forward contracts for electricity beginning in 1999.

5."The central bank can't take on itself fulfillment of obligations for forward contracts,"

6.No new forward contracts were entered into during the quarter, Mt Leyshon said.

7.The exchange also featured forward contracts, a forefather to today's derivatives.

8."I'm fundamentally opposed to the process of board members putting forward contracts directly,"

9.The index includes treasury bills, foreign exchange forward contracts, and deposits.

10.Some companies hedge against currency fluctuations by buying or selling options and forward contracts.

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