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English-Hindi > forward cover

forward cover meaning in Hindi

forward cover sentence in Hindi

वायदा रक्षा
वायदा संरक्षण
forward    अग्र भविष्य में
cover    रिकावी सुरक्षा
1.In Armor mode, the units rotate around the ship and provide forward cover fire.

2.Four tests verified the LRASM can break the canister's forward cover without damaging the missile.

3.As a reaction, they enter the foreign exchange market to buy forward cover from commercial banks.

4.The b-sides to " Rage Hard " were, for the most part, straight forward cover songs.

5.The trio allegedly sold dollars under the protection of a forward cover from the BSP through swap arrangements.

6.The central bank also assured it will provide forward cover for " unhedged " dollar loans in the near future.

7.Fashion Forward covers different aspects of global fashion and has op-eds on Fashion Week, Pippa Middleton, Nannette and Roland Mouret.

8.Sources told reporters the central bank agreed to provide forward cover to banks selling dollars to clients with " legitimate corporate demands ."

9.However, even though domestic rates have now risen, the currency uncertainty has made overseas borrowing unattractive because of the high cost of forward cover.

10.His performances for Durban Collegians didn't go unnoticed and Rory Duncan brought him back to Bloemfontein as lock and loose-forward cover during the 2014 Currie Cup Premier Division season.

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