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forward delivery sentence in Hindi

"forward delivery" meaning in Hindi
  • Baltimore County, Md ., $ 55 million of general obligation bonds for forward delivery pension refunding bonds.
  • The additional supplies could shrink the backwardation in crude prices, reducing the premium for prompt crude compared with forward deliveries.
  • Realizing this, Richard Thornton went quickly about the city obtaining signatures on contracts for the forward delivery of Baltic goods.
  • Forward selling : Some buyers offer a secure price for forward delivery of wool based on estimated measurements or the results of previous clips.
  • Based on the similarities between swaps and " forward delivery " contracts, the swap market grew rapidly in the United States during the 1980s.
  • "Instant messaging in voice " : The next development in messaging was in making text messaging real-time, rather than just asynchronous store-and-forward delivery into a mailbox.
  • Lower aluminum prices may hurt Alcan Aluminium Ltd . The price of aluminum for forward delivery fell US $ 23 to US $ 1, 692 a metric ton.
  • The 1995 revision lowers the number of forward deliveries included to those within six months of the current date, up to a maximum of five delivery months per commodity.
  • This September, the Japanese market will move to an eight-day period, which is seen as both easier to understand for foreign investors, and by bringing forward delivery, less risky.
  • German vocal training is mirrored in the earnest demeanor and straining, forward deliveries of tenors like Peter Seiffert ( Hueon ) and Deon van der Walt ( Oberon ).
  • These transactions were similar to " forward delivery " contracts under which " commercial users " of a commodity contracted for future deliveries of that commodity at an agreed upon price.
  • Airlines " may have inventories of cheap gasoline, and when they are worked down, they'll have to buy gas in the spot market, especially if they didn't buy enough for forward delivery ."
  • The IPE's Windows-based system will allow traders to buy and sell gas for forward delivery to six entry points in the U . K . and is aimed at replacing the secretive over-the-counter spot market that has begun to emerge.
  • The CEA always excluded " forward delivery " contracts under which, for example, a farmer might set today the price at which the farmer would deliver to a grain elevator or other buyer a certain number of bushels of wheat to be harvested next summer.
  • Trading in the US began in the mid 19th century, when central grain markets were established and a marketplace was created for farmers to bring their commodities and sell them either for immediate delivery ( also called spot or cash market ) or for forward delivery.
  • Similar to the existing statutory exclusion for " forward delivery " contracts, the 1989 " policy statement " on swaps had required that swaps covered by the " policy statement " be privately negotiated transactions between sophisticated parties covering ( or " hedging " ) risks arising from their business ( including investment and financing ) activities.

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