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English-Hindi > forward direction

forward direction meaning in Hindi

forward direction sentence in Hindi

अग्र दिशा
forward    अग्र भविष्य में
direction    धारा डायरेक्शन
1.Of course all of this only works in the forwards direction.

2.Light traveling in the forward direction becomes polarized vertically by the input polarizer.

3.In the forward direction, suppose that G \ approx G '.

4.The pawl goes over center as it is turned in the forward direction.

5.When sufficient forward voltage is applied, a current flows in the forward direction.

6.Normal pieces may only jump in their three forward directions.

7.Since the scattering is isotropic, the net momentum is transferred in the forward direction.

8.So in the forward direction, the rotation is positive 45?

9."If you go in a forward direction, that's in sync with the biological clock,"

10.The buckets must be closed, to direct the engine thrust to a forward direction.

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