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English-Hindi > frequency jumping

frequency jumping meaning in Hindi

frequency jumping sentence in Hindi

• आवृत्ति जंप
• आवृत्ति झंप
frequency    प्रायिकता
jumping    कूदते हुए जंपन
1.Synthesizers with low phase noise , highly pure spectrum , high resolution and fast frequency jump speed have dominating development direction of the frequency synthesis technology

2.Some hybrid frequency synthesis methods for dds + pll which used usually are presented in the following section , and its analysis for phase noise , spur , and frequency jump speed was also introduced

3.Even under the condition that the filling pressure was up to 1 . 5mpa , the onset temperature was only 237 ? . with the filling nitrogen of 0 . 9 mpa , the maximal pressure ratio reaches 1 . 21 and the operation frequency is 25 hz . the ratio of the harmonic wave of the engine was very little and the frequency jumping was not found in present experiments

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