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English-Hindi > fringe pattern

fringe pattern meaning in Hindi

fringe pattern sentence in Hindi

फ्रिंज प्रतिरूप
fringe    बालों की लट गौण
pattern    स्वरूप आकृति
1.Thus, an interference fringe pattern is produced, where the separation of the maxima is

2.The two wavefronts are then superimposed, creating a fringe pattern.

3.Monochromatic light would result in a uniform fringe pattern.

4.This changes the interferometric fringe patterns and allows direct calculation of the exact wavefront error.

5.The two waves interfere giving a straight line fringe pattern whose intensity varies sinusoidally across the medium.

6.He introduced for the first time in the literature the Fourier method as a tool for fringe pattern analysis.

7.The fringe pattern consists of several fringes, of usually distorted elliptical shape, but other patterns may also be seen.

8.The technique is very sensitive to crystalline defects and strain, as these distort the fringe pattern in the topograph.

9.Digital subtraction of the two images results in a correlation fringe pattern, where the fringes represent lines of equal deformation.

10.A white light fringe pattern can be considered to be made up of a'spectrum'of fringe patterns each of slightly different spacing.

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