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English-Hindi > full age

full age meaning in Hindi

full age sentence in Hindi

full    खचाखच भरा हुआ कौड़ी
age    आयु उम्र बूढ़ा
1.Here, a full age profile appears to be represented.

2.Full age annuities are payable at age 60 to workers with 30 years of service.

3.Regional Orchestra rehearsals are optional for members and include children across the full age range.

4.The House of Representatives must be " of the full age of twenty-one years ".

5.2 .-The people not in full age are entitled to ask for shared parental custody.

6.The school will have a full age range of pupils ages 4 to 16 from September 2018.

7.Charles Eugene, Duke of W�rttemberg was declared to be of full age ahead of time in 1744.

8.Attaining full age in 1515, Charles went on to rule his Burgundian heritage as a native Netherlander.

9.Inconel 718 can also be roll-threaded after full aging by using induction heat to without increasing the grain size.

10.He demonstrated that he was of full age, and was granted his lands according to the terms of the Dictum of Kenilworth.

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