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English-Hindi > full dress

full dress meaning in Hindi

full dress sentence in Hindi
औपचारिक वस्त्र
पूर्ण ड्रेस
full    खचाखच भरा हुआ कौड़ी
dress    कपड़े ठाठ नेपथ्य
1.The Corps'drill team competed in national drill competitions in full dress uniform.

2.Full dress rehearsals will be conducted on Oct . 23 and 30.

3.Not long afterward, Kolich found himself attending Johnston's funeral in full dress.

4.Full dress uniforms were topped with the historical kepi in elaborate designs.

5.Another important event in the college is the full dress convocation ceremony.

6.A jebba, a wool and silk full dress is worn in winter.

7.The earliest one turned out, instead, to be the full dress rehearsal.

8.Initially the full dress uniform was worn with the service dress cap.

9.Doctors in full dress wear the velvet bonnet with Spectrum blue chord.

10.The King was in full dress uniform with a sky blue sash.

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formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
Synonyms: dress suit, tailcoat, tail coat, tails, white tie, white tie and tails,

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