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English-Hindi > funicular railway

funicular railway meaning in Hindi

funicular railway sentence in Hindi

रज्जु रेल
funicular    रज्जु-रेल
railway    रेल-पथ रेलमार्ग
1.The site included a gymnasium, bandstands, dancing areas, and a funicular railway.

2.A similar system of cables is used in a funicular railway.

3.Following the 1907 accident, the funicular railway was removed in 1908.

4.Modern funicular railways operating in urban areas date from the 1860s.

5.The village itself is car-free and is accessible via the Stoosbahn funicular railway.

6.A steep funicular railway goes up the mountainside to the lake and dam.

7.It supplied power to three residences, a blacksmith shop, and the Funicular railway.

8.The tunnel and the funicular railway has remained closed since then.

9.The "'Funambule funicular "'is a funicular railway in the Swiss canton of Neuch�tel.

10.A few funicular railways are also built to this gauge.

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a railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars
Synonyms: cable railway, funicular,

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