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gag line sentence in Hindi

"gag line" meaning in Hindi
  • The gag line : Cowan sinks into the lake.
  • Carol Connelly different enough from Jamie Buchman; her gag lines are better, too.
  • I think it was a gag line.
  • It seemed Wilde was very happy to sacrifice a reasonable plot line for a better gag line.
  • But for his audiences, it was one laugh after another, from gag lines like these:
  • Parker delivers gag lines in a conversational way that sounds infinitely more natural than similar Woody Allen readings.
  • It's a gag line in this play when someone exclaims " Jesus H . Christ !"
  • Darrow helped move the cartoon many steps away from a vaudeville-style gag line to a commentary on character.
  • The player may obtain a magic 8-ball item which typically dispenses advice but also has a few gag lines.
  • Other people may end up liking it for just that reason _ the unintended humor of grown-ups pontificating on a gag line.
  • Here we get mild neo-Swiftian satire and uncamouflaged discussions of age-old philosophical onundrums, leavened with physical humor and punchy gag lines.
  • He's more relaxed than, say, Robin Williams; gag lines are judiciously portioned out and mugging is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Schultz pummeled Rolfe without anyone on the Rangers lifting a finger to protect him ( the GAG line was on the ice at the time ).
  • The search wasn't just about jokes and gag lines; it was also about marketing _ or cause-related marketing, to be precise.
  • Kidman regularly pops up with spur-of-the-moment gag lines, something her equally paparazzi-phobic co-star quickly learned to appreciate.
  • Indeed, " MiB " has only one, throwaway gag line, ad-libbed by Smith himself, that acknowledges the actor's color.
  • It's also a mischievously funny one : He does a fine job of integrating gag lines with semiserious acting, all the while modeling a delirious, silky wardrobe with the emphasis on nightmare prints.
  • With the help of mini-dressed micro-personality Agent 3.14 ( Nicollette Sheridan with an illegally immigrating accent ), Dick wanders through incoherent plot points, says mirthless gag lines and then stops the bad guy too late.
  • It would be unforgivable to disclose any more of the gag lines, but there are plenty of them, especially when the scientist's jet is saved from crashing when it's cradled by a green ray sent by the aliens.
  • That's because, of course, there's some life left in the old boy _ and " juicy's " about the only gag line in director Stephen Sommers'script that has any life as well.
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