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English-Hindi > gain the upper hand

gain the upper hand meaning in Hindi

gain the upper hand sentence in Hindi
आधिपत्य करना
प्रभुत्व प्राप्त करना
आधिपत्य करना
प्रभुत्व प्राप्त करना
gain    वृद्धि व्याज
the    वही यह वह वही वह
upper    ऊपर का ऊपरी भाग
upper hand    मजबूत स्थिति upper
hand    वश ओर सहायता कर
1.A fistfight ensues, but Ethan gains the upper hand and subdues Jack.

2.Eventually, the protesters gain the upper hand and begin murdering the police.

3.However, even their combined forces are unable to gain the upper hand.

4.The boy attacks first, but Baxter manages to gain the upper hand.

5.Doofenshmirtz eventually gains the upper hand, effectively becoming emperor of the world.

6.As time went by, the Royalists seemed to gain the upper hand.

7.Kirk gains the upper hand, and a broken Finney reveals his sabotage.

8.Finally, Dietrich gains the upper hand, but Ecke also refuses to surrender.

9.When Rocky gains the upper hand, Kimberly shoots and kills him.

10.The positive economic forces will gain the upper hand in 2002.

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