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English-Hindi > gallery grave

gallery grave meaning in Hindi

gallery grave sentence in Hindi

वीथी कब्र
gallery    छज्जा दहलीज़
grave    बहुत ही प्रभाव
1.Wedge-shaped gallery graves sometimes had a set of outer walls.

2.A tumulus may contain several gallery graves radiating outward from the center.

3.These are known as wedge-shaped gallery graves.

4.Some gallery graves were not rectangular in shape, but rather narrowed toward the rear.

5.Some wedge-shaped gallery graves had curved rear walls, while others were linear.

6.The tumulus ( or " barrow " ) covering a gallery grave may be long.

7.Although typically described as a long barrow, the mound is actually a transepted gallery grave.

8.Kong Asgers H�j at Sprove is the largest gallery grave in Denmark, more than 4, 000 years old.

9.Since the earth atop the gallery grave was only loosely piled up, it often washed away due to erosion.

10.Many gallery graves today lie exposed to the air, when originally they would have lain deep within a tumulus.

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