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English-Hindi > galley proof

galley proof meaning in Hindi

galley proof sentence in Hindi

गैली प्रूफ
galley    पोत रसोईघर छापने
proof    सबूत अप्रवेश्यता
1.Let's add a second galley proof _ Joseph Heller's " Catch-22 ."

2.Galley proofs may be uncut and unbound, or in some cases electronically published.

3.Only galley proofs of the book have been available so far.

4.McCurry said, explaining that Clinton had read some of the book in galley proofs.

5.Although the media did not receive advance galley proof copies, we knew it was coming.

6.Galley proofs of the book were obtained on condition that the source not be identified.

7.The print type was kept in galley proofs and subject to continual updating until publication.

8.But look at these galley proofs with inked corrections.

9.Scholars there have published two other sets of galley proofs for " Swann's Way ."

10.The Tallahassee Democrat obtained galley proofs of the book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for a Sunday story.

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a proof taken before the type is broken up to print pages

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