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English-Hindi > gate money

gate money meaning in Hindi

gate money sentence in Hindi
प्रवेश शुल्क
gate    दरवाज़ा दरवाजा
money    धन धन-दौलत पैसा माल
1.Not Monopoly money, not IPO money, not even Bill Gates money.

2.All prize money, start money and gate money were donated to the fund.

3.Further, the Gates money goes to libraries as a one-time grant.

4.His share of the spoil was ?0, a cup, and two-thirds of the gate money.

5.A company offered to lease Shawfield in 1926 and also give a percentage of the gate money to Clyde.

6.Gate money is charged for the first time, at a match between Douglas Rollard and Jack White at Cambridge.

7.The players lived on their army pay and all profits from gate money went to an AIF Sports Control Board.

8.Newspapers heralded the event as the " first game of baseball ever played in public for gate money between feminine ball-tossers ."

9.If the Canton-Latrobe game never occurred, then Massillon would be entitled to all of Canton's gate money from the second Canton-Massillon game.

10.The easy thing would have been to sit back, enjoy 10 football victories a year, count the gate money and keep quiet.

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