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English-Hindi > gear case

gear case meaning in Hindi

gear case sentence in Hindi

गसरी आवरक
gear    औजार कपड़े गियर भूल
case    वास्तविकता आदमी
1.Quadra-Trac was the trade name for the Borg-Warner 1305 and 1339 gear case.

2.As the engine is modular in design, the gear case can be removed intact.

3.A switch on the plastic cover of the wiper motor gear case can malfunction and overheat.

4.It shares the same design employing a timing gear case that mounts both distributor and oil pump.

5.The oil pump, being a single unit, can be removed from the bottom of the gear case for overhaul or replacement.

6.Several Everett factory workers say the landing gear case is just one example of sloppy work being done on the 747 assembly line.

7.Parts interchangeable between the 5 and 7-cylinder models of the LeBlond and later Ken-Royce engines include the cylinder assemblies, gear case and oil pump.

8.The ZF S6-650  Heavy Duty 6 speed manual transmission has an aluminium alloy main gear case and tail housing with the bell housing integral to the case.

9.John Barnard tried to incorporate this material in a gear housing for the Ferrari F1 car in 1994, but instead only mounted the metal gear case on a carbon fiber composite support.

10.In newer transmissions, there may be two countershafts, so each main shaft gear can be driven from one or the other countershaft; this allows construction with short and robust countershafts, while still allowing many gear combinations inside a single gear case.

the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed
Synonyms: gearbox, gear box,

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