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English-Hindi > gear drive

gear drive meaning in Hindi

gear drive sentence in Hindi

गियर चालन
gear    औजार कपड़े गियर भूल
drive    गेंद मारना सैर
1.Examples include enclosed gear drives operating at low speeds and open gearing.

2.In 1927 Benelli had a gear drive SOHC 175 cc model.

3.As of 2014, the Global Gear Drive program has been discontinued.

4.The transmission included helical gear drive, a wet clutch, and a three-speed gearbox.

5.Gear drives required the steam motor to be mounted low-down, alongside the axle.

6.The planetary gear driving power through direct connection or link initiates the sun gear.

7.This motor-worm-gear drive system is often used in toys and other small electrical devices.

8.The Farmall 656 and 826, for example, were available in hydro and gear drive versions.

9.On all the VFR750 models the gear drive for the cams was between the cylinders.

10.This model incorporated spur-gear drive instead of chain.

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